About Us

The American University of Antigua (AUA) College of Medicine is dedicated to providing a learner-centric education that meets the highest standards of academic excellence. The University is committed to providing students with the educational resources that will empower them to become compassionate physicians, lifelong learners and leaders with the knowledge and professionalism required to address global health care needs.


AUA College of Medicine is an active participant in helping to meet the health care needs of diverse communities in the United States and globally. The University is committed to breaking down barriers that have prevented underrepresented minorities from obtaining medical education required for physician licensure.


AUA recruits talented students from diverse cultural, ethnic, racial, social and economic backgrounds thereby expanding access to  limited opportunities to obtain a medical education for individuals from diverse groups that are presently underrepresented in the medical profession.


AUA believes that its student body receives a better medical education due to its diverse student population. AUA also provides students who may have been educationally disadvantaged with the tools to address those issues during their medical education.


While AUA believes that individual graduates have the right to and should pursue whatever area of medicine they wish to practice, AUA does emphasize the need for, and encourages, its graduates to become well-qualified skilled primary care physicians who will practice their professions in underserved communities.